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We provide a one-stop platform that helps your customer to identify your product through online verification. 

CheckNow is an Online QR Code Authentication platform which has grant by the Malaysian Government Party on 2013. In year 2013 we are the pioneer in the industry that created the QR code authentication platform.

The anti-counterfeit market in globally always use holographic labels alone to identify genuine or fake, we implemented QR code with the security label as a combination of anti-counterfeit solutions. The end user can able to scan the unique QR code and link to our cloud based server to authentication process.

Hence it has created the two way communication among the user and also the platform itself. We have develop features to fit the daily operation usage such as CRM, track and trace also some counterfeit automatic reporting system. We will tell you how to secure it, do talk to us, we shall let you know more.

2009 : The Beginning

2009 : The Beginning

Supplying only hologram technology

2014 : The First Version

Start develop the first version of Checknow with only authentication features

2015 : Being Awarded

Being awarded Cradle grant by Ministry of Finance Malaysia for Checknow idea  

2016 : 3 Million QR Code

We reached 3 Million QR Code printed

2017 : The Second Version

Develop Checknow version 2 with more friendly user dashboard and additional features Geolocation, Traceability and Lucky Draw